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Bags and Lipstick

Bag is something that we, women, can’t live without out. May it be a tote bag, a shoulder bag or even a back pack. I have to admit though, that I am a late bloomer when it comes to bag, I am more of a lipstick girl (obviously because the lipstick blog is here haha).Continue Reading

The Perfect Pouch For Lipstickholic!

My lipstick collection is growing everyday. I am a certified Lipstickholic! Oh let me define that first. A lipstickholic is someone who is addicted to lipstick, and obviously, that defines me! For other cosmetics lover, they collect eye shadow, blush and some even make up brushes, to me, everything is about the lipstick. Right now, I am in searchContinue Reading

Tin o ‘Tint Lip Moisturizer

I saw this lip moisturizer from a cosmetics fair at Megamall. I was tempted to buy one or two shades but I have issues with this kind of packaging. If you want to try, go for Cherry, really nice taste and smells good too!Continue Reading

How to Perfect Your Pout

Most days, all you need is a dab of color on your lips in order to give yourself a whole new look. However, there may be some occasions when you want to make an extra special effort to make your lips look as amazing as possible. Perhaps you have a hot date, or you’re goingContinue Reading

The Search For Orange Lipstick

And you know i love lipstick, hence this blog. For reasons I do not know, almost any shade looks good on me. I can do red, pink, light pink and even shades of violet. What I realized, I haven’t done an orange lipstick. Orange as in bright orange! I used to do sun coral shadesContinue Reading

The Kissaholic Lips

Is buying a lip product such as a lip balm and a lip gloss part of your beauty product shopping? Some women may not really value buying a lip balm until they get to experience dry, chapped and even cracked lips (and the pain that comes with it). The cause for these lip conditions couldContinue Reading

Maybelline SuperStay 14HR Lipstick

  I love Maybelline lipstick. It’s cheap and it does not bleed. I also love their shades. And if I will show you my make up case, you will find that most of my lipsticks are Maybelline. Why not, Maybelline is so affordable! Last month, while looking for some products at Walmart, I saw thisContinue Reading

How To Choose The Right Red Lipstick

I used to think red never likes my skin color.. and then I discovered I am just using shades that are not in tune with my skin color. I learned that not all red lipstick are equal or in the same shades. There are red shades that are for fair skins and there are thoseContinue Reading

Lipstick Brush Shopping

I have two lip brush, the one was from a friend and the other one, included on the make up brush set I bought last year. The one from a friend is an Urban Decay lip brush. I gave it to my sister since she does not have a lip brush. Now I am onlyContinue Reading

Thank You For The Lipstickss

I am just thankful to all the people who believes in this blog and keeps sending lipstick for me 🙂 I will be forever grateful to my friends for these lovelies! Thank you ladies!Continue Reading