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Your Best Homecoming Look

Everyone wants to look good on every occasion but Homecoming, specially the homecoming dance is one occasion that we all want to look not just good but be on our best. Homecoming is a tradition that we are all excited to attend. And here are 3 practical guide on how to be on your bestContinue Reading

Maybelline BB Cream Review

I first heard about Maybelline BB Cream when a friend posted a link of her commercial with Gerard Anderson.. when I checked out the link, it was a Myabelline BB Cream Commercial and yes she was part of the commercial.. and I was given a chance too to be part of it. I have postedContinue Reading

Shopping at SM Department Store :)

Last Thursday, me and my sister went at Robinsons Galleria to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2. And since I wanted to try Maybelline BB Cream, we head on to Robinson’s department store to buy it. Unfortunately, taking photos inside the department store is not allowed… so I opted not to by fromContinue Reading