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Gift Ideas For Women

It’s almost Christmas and if you are still undecided what to give to the special women in yuor life, here are some great gift ideas that I would like to share:

If you have to ask me, perfumes is on top of my list. A women can always wear 3- 4 kinds of perfume in a week. It’s actually nice to wear different smells each day. Perfumes that are not too sweet and not to strong should be on your list.

Second on my list is jewelry or ladies armani watches. I know it is a bit expensive but if one can afford it, this can make any woman smile.

The third on my list is a gift certificate to my favorite shopping store. It is the least creative but on my point of view, this gift is a very good option, I can choose whatever I want.

And the last on my list is a spa package for me. It’s like saying that your partner deserves pampering and a time for herself.

But you know, they always say that it is the thought that counts, but you should always remember that when giving a gift to a woman, food or exercise related materials is a big no.

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