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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Where Should I Place My Ring?

Last weekend, I attended a wedding. One of my closest friend got hitch last weekend. Well, actually, they have been living together for 11 years and only this year that they decided to marry. It was funny because not any of them knows where to place the engagement ring as well as the wedding ring.Continue Reading

Watching Your Guy

Oh I did not mean to watch your guy or to see what your guy or yuor partner is up to.. my title means, giving a watch to your guy, something that I am not familiar with. I have been meaning to buy a watch for my husband as a gift to him, well I actually didContinue Reading

How To Buy Engagement Ring

There are lot of things that needs to be considered when buying an engagement ring for your. Examples are, the size of the finger, the kind of metal, the type and cut of the gem stone, usually Diamond and its size or karat. When it comes to size, it is not advisable to guess, theContinue Reading

Gift Ideas For Women

It’s almost Christmas and if you are still undecided what to give to the special women in yuor life, here are some great gift ideas that I would like to share: If you have to ask me, perfumes is on top of my list. A women can always wear 3- 4 kinds of perfume in a week.Continue Reading