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Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Right Lipstick Shade

Is it too darkk for you? or too pale that you almost look as if you just got bitten by a vampire? Or if it makes you look young or old? That’s how lipstick shade affects ourĀ face. One shade can be make or break. Too much pink on a fair skin can gives the impressionContinue Reading

Avon Lipsticks

I have a confession to make… my lips are loyal to Avon Lipstick.. why? because I was afraid to try other lipstick brands before. So instead of going to the mall, I just flip an Avon catalouge and order what I want from the Avon store. And since I am an Avon member, I canContinue Reading

History Of Lipstick

Imagine that in your lips…ewe! BUT really, based on the article from Wiki (the photo is also from wiki).. these are Cochineal, an insect used to make lipstick in the 19th century. Lipstick can be traced back as early as the Mesopotamia ear. In england however, it was only during the 16th century that theContinue Reading

Why Not Beauty Blog?

And why only about lipsticks? When you say beauty blog, it can be about anything that is related to beauty. You can talk about cosmetics, facial care, skin care and even hair care.. and those topics I have no knowledge about it. What will I say when it comes to hair care when the onlyContinue Reading